Building God's Kingdom One Life At A Time

Church Leadership

First Reformed Church of Sheldon is governed by a Board (The Consistory) elected by the members of the Congregation.  There are 18 members of this Consistory.  The Pastor serves as the President of the Consistory with other officers elected by the 18 members of the Consistory.  Members of the Consistory also serve on various church committees composed of members of the congregation.  (Worship, Christian Education, Youth, Outreach, Mission, Congregational Care, Building & Grounds).

Current Elders:

Norm Beltman, '17
Dan Dykstra, '17
Marwin Vogel, '17
Gary De Hoogh, '18
Larry Sterk, '18
Dixon Van Meeteren, '18
Don Getting, '19
Larry Fedders, '19
Barry Whitsell, '19


Current Deacons:

Matt Meyer, '17
Jamie Elgersma, '17
Michael Jager, '17
Jason Groendyke, '18
Cleiton Zanela, '18
Jim Korver, '18
Kory Jacobsma, '19
Zach Sawyer, '19
Scott Simonsen, '19