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Building God's Kingdom One Life at at Time.
Bringing people, families, and communities to God to be saved from sin,
delivered from evil and loved and healed in the name of Jesus.
  • We believe that the Bible is the only perfect rule for faith, doctrine and conduct.
  • Our preaching and teaching in all settings reflects careful preparation, relevance and creativity.
  • Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to study and apply Biblical truth in ways that lead to a scripturally integrated life.
  • We teach our people how to be attentive to Jesus in all circumstances.
  • Our people understand the radical nature of the message and mission of Jesus that continually deconstructs and reconstructs a person’s life.
  • Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to use a variety of spiritual growth resources, experiences, and settings.
  • Our people are equipped and growing in their ability to participate in the local and global dimensions of our ministry.
  • We have identifiable pathways to engage in local compassion, mercy and justice ministries and to support the cause of Christ globally.
  • Our people are burdened for hurting people and are equipped and growing in their ability to see and address the hurts and causes of hurt in our footprint and the world.
  • We care about people first before we think about ourselves.
  • We extend God’s gracious welcome to people of all descriptions knowing ourselves to be worse off than we think and yet more loved than we ever dared believe.
  • We teach that the amazing grace of the gospel accepts everyone as they are, yet calls everyone to the never-ending work of the gospel that conforms us and grows us up into the fullness of Christ.
  • We help people discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts.
  • We regularly, graciously, and unapologetically teach the importance of financial stewardship in the spiritual growth of the Christian.
  • We have many examples of lifestyle choices being made on the basis of stewardship and the priority God plays in the lives of our members.
  • We engage people from across generations to participate in all the dimensions of our ministry.
  • We understand that our love for one another is a powerful testimony to the deity of Jesus.
  • We love each other as we are, not as we should be.
  • Our service is motivated by what Jesus has done for us.
  • We are invited and allowed to do what we do and are excited to be a part of God’s kingdom work.
  • Our people know that it is a personal and intentional choice and want to be a servant in all the aspects of our ministry.